• Full use of all facility amenities.
    *Availability is subject to scheduling.
  • Large outdoor pens.
  • 12x16 shelters in each pen with off the ground slow feeders inside.
  • 4 strand, pulse power equifence fencing.
  • Individualized feeding programs consisting of high quality Hay/Grass/Grains.
    *Grains provided at owner's expense. 
  • Automatic waterers in each pen.

Indoor, "Dry-Stall" Boarding:

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Contract/Agreement Forms:

Outdoor Pen Boarding: 

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  • Full use of all facility amenities.
    *Availability is subject to scheduling.

  • 10x12 Poly Fiberglass coated Stall with heavy duty mat floors, and sliding door.
  • Use of turnout pastures and/or pens. 
    *Facility is not responsible for turnout service or schedule. Contact trainers directly for pricing and scheduling. 
  • Automatic waterer in stall
  • Automatic, overhead fly repellent mister for each stall
  • Use of private or shared storage area for personal feed, and/or bedding.
  • ​Trailer parking
  • "A la carte" services available for an additional charge. See boarding agreement terms for details.